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Feed Your Reader is one of my most favorite Firefox extensions to date. You see, much like the rest of the geeky crew here at Lockergnome, I love my RSS feeds. Right now I have around 50 to 100 inside of my feed reader of choice, FeedDemon. How would you like to have Firefox automatically launch your feed reader of choice whenever you click on that orange RSS logo in the bottom right of the screen? That is what Feed Your Reader lets you do.

After you install Feed Your Reader, all you need to do is set your favorite feed reader in the options.

Feed Your Reader currently works with: AmphetaDesk, Awasu, Bloglines, Bot A Blog, Bottomfeeder, FeedLounge, Fyuze, Headline Viewer, IzyNews, mobilerss, My Yahoo!, NewsGator, NewsIsFree, NewsMonster, nntp//rss, Radio Userland, Syndic8, Wildgrape NewsDesk, and WinRSS.

Now every time you click that RSS button in Firefox, it will automatically launch your feed reader which will be ready to add the RSS feed for the Web page you wish to subscribe to. No more copying, cutting and pasting URLs over and having to do more work than it should take. Feed Your Reader is the RSS lover’s dream come true.

So take control of how Firefox handles your RSS feeds and try out Feed Your Reader!

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What Is the Linux Desktop

Wow. This is a great piece for those who are trying to wrap their minds around the Linux desktop. Very well written, clear and concise.

Linux Desktop
The Linux desktop is a graphical interface to the open source Linux operating system. Many distributions such as Ubuntu, RedHat, SuSE, and Mandriva include Linux desktop software. The desktop itself comes in two primary forms, KDE and GNOME, and there are a range of desktop applications for a range of different tasks, such as productivity, graphics, multimedia, and development. [Read the rest]

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What’s Running v2.1.1

What’s Running provides you with detailed information for all system processes, services, programs, modules etc. that are currently running on your system. Furthermore, it includes information for currently active IP/Internet connections, as well as an interactive Startup Manager to to view, edit, and disable startup programs. The process viewer includes detailed specs for each process, including memory usage, GDI objects, modules, and more. Additional features include options to start/stop processes and services, online database for additional process information, and an option to take a snapshot of the current state.

[1110k] [WinNT/2k/XP] [FREE] [SnapFiles]

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Invites send

Aku dah send invite yang pertama dekan ejon, please follow the circle so that semua orang akan dapat invites tu nanti 🙂

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Thanks :)

Hehehe.. thanks to for sending me the invite 🙂

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